Section V Rev. 2013

Section Description
Article 8 Eddy Current Examination
  Appendix 1 – Glossary of terms for ET inspection
  Appendix 2 – ET exam of non-ferromagnetic HX tubes
  Appendix 3 – ET examination of coated ferritic materials
  Appendix 4 – External coil examination of tubular products
  Appendix 5 – ET measurement of non-conductive, non-magnetic coating thickness on a non-magnetic metallic material
  Appendix 6 – ET detection and measurement of depth of surface discontinuities in non-magnetic metals with surface probes
  Appendix 7 – ET examination of magnetic and nonmagnetic conductive metals to determine if flaws are surface connected
  Appendix 8 – ET examination of non-magnetic heat exchanger tubing
Article 15 Alternating Current Field Measurement Technique (ACFMT)
Article 16 Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) Examination
Article 17 Remote Field Testing (RFT) Examination Method
Article 26 Eddy Current Standards
  SE-243 Standard Practice for Electromagnetic (Eddy Current) Examination of Copper and Copper-Alloy Tubes
  SE-2096 Standard Practice for In Situ Examination of Ferromagnetic Heat-Exchanger Tubes Using Remote Field Testing
Article 31 Alternating Current Field Measurement Standard
  SE-2261 Standard Practice for Examination of Welds Using the Alternating Current Field Measurement Technique