Eddy Current Array Solution – Midgard Scientific

midgard-updated-2015loJune 12, 2015 – In the grand quest for the perfect Nondestructive Testing and Eddy Current Array solution, Eddyfi has developed a unique approach. Recently Eddyfi launched Reddy™, a turnkey eddy current array (ECA) unit. This device is acclaimed as the only portable offering in its class and designed for in-service needs of the power generation, aerospace, and oil and gas industries.
The Reddy™ eddy current array (ECA) unit comes with a large, premium-quality display and easy to use software that is top of the line. The portable system is the state-of-the-art solution to surface ECA testing. Quite simply the Reddy™ is faster and more efficient than traditional means of determining cracks and corrosion on welds, tanks, pipes, and vessels.

Combining Eddyfi’s ECA or tangential ECA (TECA™) probes, their powerful Magnifi® and Magnifi GO software, and expert support, they may have generated the finest packages for surface eddy current array inspections.

We found the instrument to be very intuitive in design and very good toward the inspection of welds. Truly, this is a contender for replacing traditional penetrant or magnetic particle methods. Equally impressive is the patent-pending Sharck probe. Able to address the inspection requirements of industries that rely on carbon steel welds. The combination of Sharck probe technology and the Reddy™ eddy current array (ECA) unit is a dynamic tool for any Nondestructive Testing section.