Eddyfi Brings Array to Air Cooler Inspection

with Innovative Near-Field Array Probes

eddyfi-avatarApril 14, 2015 – Dedicated to electromagnetic inspection technologies, Eddyfi is proud to launch a new line of array tubing probes for carbon steel tubes, such as those found in fin-fan air coolers. The new near-field array (NFA) probes represent a turning point in the evolution of NFT: the probes feature up to 30 coils and channel multiplexing makes C-scan imaging possible.

The NFA probe design allows easily detecting and sizing defects commonly found in aluminum-finned carbon steel tubes, such as internal pitting, cracking, erosion, and wall loss in a single pass. NFA probes are also easier to use than other available inspection methods, their inspection speed is higher, and they are highly durable thanks to their hardened-steel wear guides.

Olivier Lavoie, Product Manager, Oil and Gas Tubing Probes, comments: “An array technology for fin-fan air coolers was sorely needed for a long time. Rapid C-scan imaging is a game changer for ferrous tubing: at 12 in/s (305 mm/s) — twice the speed of NFT — near-field array probes combine sizing capability, intuitive imaging, ease of use, and durability. We’re very excited to introduce a complete line of NFA tubing probes for diameters ranging between ¾ in and 1 ½ in (19.1–38.1 mm).”

NFA probe data is displayed as 2D/3D C-scans, which are intuitive and rich in information. This enables the discrimination and sizing of defects.

Source: Québec, Canada