Eddyfi Expands its Family of DefHi® Array Probes

for Tubing Inspection

November 3, 2015 Eddyfi is proud to announce the expansion of its family of DefHi array probes for tubing inspection. Eddyfi improved and expanded the selection of heavy wall (HW) DefHi probes to offer superior coverage and penetration in very-low-frequency applications (4 kHz to 60 kHz) such as brass and cupronickel tubing.

Additionally, Eddyfi introduces the all new high frequency (HF) series of DefHi probes. The HF DefHi furthers the already highly versatile reach of the DefHi array probes for tubing. If you need to perform a high-speed, high-resolution, multiple axis inspection of thin-walled titanium (including circumferential cracking at top of tubesheets), 300-series stainless steel, or other high-resistivity materials, Eddyfi now delivers the array solution you need.