Unleashing the Full Potential of Eddy Current Array with a New Portable System – Eddyfi

April 28, 2015 – Dedicated to electromagnetic inspection technologies, Eddyfi is thrilled to announce the launch of Reddy, the only portable turnkey eddy current array (ECA) instrument offering a complete ecosystem designed for the in-service inspection needs of the oil & gas, power generation, and aerospace industries.

Reddy: Turnkey Eddy Current Array Made Portable

After selling several hundred Ectane® remote data acquisition units over the last few years, Eddyfi is now proud to bundle the benefits of ECA in a portable system. Reddy features a large, premium-quality, multi-touch display and comes with an intuitive software interface capable of delivering the best of what ECA can offer: increased probability of detection, rapid scanning, and intuitive real-time C-scan imaging.

The new, state-of-the-art portable system is the solution to democratize surface ECA inspection. Reddy offers a faster, more efficient, and overall better way of addressing key applications like cracking and corrosion on pipes, vessels, tanks, and welds. Combined with Eddyfi’s standard ECA or tangential ECA (TECA) probes, powerful Magnifi® and Magnifi GO software, and support from top application experts, Reddy unlocks the power of the first true standard ecosystem for surface ECA inspections.

Martin Thériault, President and CEO of Eddyfi comments: “Eddyfi reinforces its leadership in providing best-in-class eddy current array NDT technology to address a wide spectrum of applications, including carbon steel welds, with up-to-date portable technology. This is another step—but not the last—in democratizing ECA technology and increasing its use in many areas.”

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Source: Québec, Canada